Caring for latex


Below are some tips on caring for latex.

Safety note:
If you have a latex allergy, we advise you against having physical contact with latex clothing.
Please also note that there is a potential risk of suffocation when using full head masks and gags.


Anita Berg delivers latex clothing dusted with powder in black plastic sheets and packed in a box. At first glance they may look white and matt, but this is no cause for alarm. You can make your item shine using brighteners and following special instructions.


It is particularly important that you take care when putting on the garment. You can use powder, talcum powder or a low-viscosity lubricant containing silicone to make it easier to put on the garments. You should take care not to damage the product with sharp or pointed objects such as fingernails or toenails.


After maintenance, you should store your latex clothing in a wardrobe; this is particularly good for the product as the latex will be in a place that is dark, dry and not too warm. We also recommend that you store your product in garment covers or plastic bags. It is also very important to note that the garments are best kept separate, particularly with colourful products, so that they cannot rub off. We also recommend avoiding contact with copper or brass, as these could stain your transparent items.

You can polish your garment using shine spray or with a liquid silicone oil to make your outfit shine. For example, the shine spray can be evenly distributed on your garment, the thin layer giving the product a wonderful gleam.


You can find ideal products for cleaning, maintaining and disinfecting your item in the section on maintenance products*.

After cleaning, it is also particularly important to hang the item to dry on a hanger (we recommend wooden hangers rather than wire hangers, as the latter can result in wrinkles and dents) or on a line for it to dry properly. You can lightly dab the product with a lint-free towel to remove any remaining water from the latex. After you have dried the product, dust it with talcum powder, body powder from the chemist’s or baby powder, as this can prevent your latex clothing from sticking together.

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